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muscle confusion tips waldo waldman

Muscle Confusion – A simple fitness concept can help you grow in business and in life

     A fitness concept called “muscle confusion” can help you build strength and become stronger. It’s a way […]

Community Wingman

Be A Community Wingman

     As we approach our great nation’s birthday, I wanted to share a rewarding experience I recently had […]

Peak Performance Wingtip from Speaker Waldo Waldman

Focus on who, not how

if you're overwhelemd when it comes to accomplishing your goals, focus on who, not how.

Winning and Success with Keynote Speaker Waldo Waldman

Are you Preparing for Gold?

The Olympics are amazing, and 2018 was no exception. The competitive spirit, excitement and drama made it one of the […]

Pre-Mission Prayer with Military Speaker

Be the type of American worth fighting for

As we approach Veterans Day, many of you may be wondering how you can express your sincere gratitude for those who […]

Moments of Silence – How to Cultivate Gratitude in Life

Moments of Silence – How to Cultivate Gratitude in Life

My days as a cadet at the Air Force Academy were truly remarkable. The intensity, military regimen, and intense discipline were […]