The 7 Wingman Principles

These foundational principles are essential to building cultures of trust, teamwork and excellence and can elevate any leader or team’s performance.

Winners Never Fly Solo
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Leaders Promote Collaborative Cultures
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Training & Preparation Drive Sales Excellence
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Standards Determine Culture
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Relationships are Foundational
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Be Courageous, Not Fearless.
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Core Values are Essential for Growth
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Cooperation. Communication. Commitment

Military Salute Air Force

Business is not about combat.  It’s about cooperation, communication, and a commitment to a core set of values that serve others.

It’s about relationships and results.

Since my days as a fighter pilot & starting my speaking/coaching business in 2003, I’ve learned that in business and life, we survive solo, but win together. Success is a bi-product of partnerships, collaboration and mutual trust.

With our constantly changing business landscape, we need to break free of the combat mindset that is prevalent in many businesses and instead embrace a culture of collaboration and trust.

Moreover, just like well trained fighter pilots, well trained organizations should never enter into combat. After all, a great business strategy does not seek confrontation and should achieve its objectives without it.

Preparation and Trust in Leadership

missile technician in the US Navy

Business is indeed often competitive and highly stressful. However, no matter how we look at it, our lives are never truly at risk in business as they are in actual combat.  We can still learn valuable lessons by exploring how we would perform if we were actually in combat and apply this mindset to business.

By diligently preparing for each business mission and trusting in our leadership to provide a strategic vision and objectives that are understood by all, we can maximize our ability to win.

If we learn to overcome our fears, take courageous risks, and focus on the mission rather than ourselves, we can break performance barriers that stifle growth.

A Fighter Pilot Mindset

F16 Flying

Finally, if we engage each business mission as if we are in combat and our lives (and our wingmen’s lives) depend on our success, our focus would skyrocket. 

Winning would be the only option.

This is what I call applying the “fighter pilot state of mind” to business. It’s a spirit dedicated to superior performance and a commitment to excellence in all that we do. It’s a mindset that converts fear to courage, re-hacks your responsibility, and inspires you to find meaning in your mission.

Winning ultimately comes down to TRUST — trust in yourself, your team and your leadership. When you embrace this trust and double down on your commitment to growth, performance has nowhere else to go but up!

This is my life philosophy & how I conduct business.  I’m honored to be your wingman & look forward to flying with you

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