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Meet Basic Cadet Rob Waldman.

Meet Basic Cadet Rob Waldman…

…at the United States Air Force Academy during Basic Cadet Training (BCT). A few weeks earlier while going through field […]

FACE YOUR DOUBTS: Fuel the Warrior Spirit

Fuel the Warrior Spirit

The most important life changing skill I learned in combat was the ability to operate and execute despite massive fear. […]

What are your daily wins? You need 3 daily wins: physical, mental & spiritual.

What are your Daily Wins?

I recently saw this graphic and it really hit home. Winning is great. But it’s not always about the final […]

Veterans Day 10 November 2023

Honoring Our Veterans 2023

  Today, along with my fellow veterans, I’m thinking in particular of my wingdad – a proud Navy Veteran – […]

Never Leave Your Wingman

You may recall the memorable quote from the movie Top Gun: “You Never, NEVER leave your Wingman!” No words better […]

Overcoming Fear and Building Resilience

Top Gun Resilience

Every day, we encounter self-doubt, panic, and anxiety in our lives. Challenges can suddenly arise, even when everything seems perfect. […]