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Veterans Day 10 November 2023

Honoring Our Veterans 2023


Today, along with my fellow veterans, I’m thinking in particular of my wingdad – a proud Navy Veteran – who passed at 93 years old a few months ago.

Thinking of his passion for honoring and upholding the principles of our country….of his unwavering patriotism, work ethic, and steadfast courage to doing what’s right…& of his dedication to his responsibilities and family.

My dad never sold out for what he believed in! Neither should you.

Veterans Day 10 November 2023

I’m also grateful for all those who fought for and continue to fight for our Stars and Stripes, and for the freedom and security of our allies.

Grateful that we can wake up in a free, democratic, capitalist country…understanding that if we become lazy, weak, and complacent, those freedoms can slowly and surely be swept away from us!

We must remember, in light of all the chaos in the world today – where entire countries are being attacked & terrorized – that we have to earn our freedom wings every day. Any moment, they can be taken away.

Finally, I’m grateful to all my fellow Americans worth fighting for…my wingmen.

Wishing you all peace and health as we honor those who fight for our country.

Your Loyal Wingman,
Lt. Col. (ret.) Waldo Waldman