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You May Be Strapped in By Yourself…

But You’re Not Flying Solo

In today’s volatile business environment where uncertainty and fear are prevalent, companies need leaders who are resilient, collaborative and more focused than ever to serve. With so many working remotely, teams must increase connection, commitment, and trust.

An expert on change management and peak performance, Waldo helps build resilient, collaborative teams. During his customized virtual programs, he shares actionable tools on managing change, performing under pressure, and building trusting relationships.  Audiences will learn:

    • How to leverage one’s mindset to maintain focus amidst uncertainty
    • The three steps peak performers take to face adversity with courage
    • Tactics to cultivate resilience and confidence to sell under pressure
    • How to grow influence and impact with coworkers, clients and partners

Waldo inspires a “One Team, One Mission” culture & reminds teams that winners Never Fly Solo®.

“Your stories were gripping, relevant and on target.  In all my meetings following your virtual keynote, the team talked about the impact of your message and how it was so aligned to our challenges for the 2nd half of the fiscal 20′ year.”
 Tammy DesRosiers, Director, Americas License Compliance Sales, Autodesk

How to Face Your Fears, Adapt to Change & Overcome Adversity
Global Leadership
Global Leadership
Teamwork & Trust
Teamwork & Trust
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Content to Re-Engage Your Team's Purpose

Build Resilience to Reset Focus & Courage

When uncertainty and fear strike, the best teams commit to excellence, align with their purpose, and serve those who need help. They build unity – realizing that they can depend on each other to inspire confidence, courage and hope.

Remember Your Wingmen – The Unsung Heroes

You’re only as strong as your weakest link. Every wingman/wingma’m in your organization – regardless of their role – contributes to its success! They must know exactly what they are fighting for and why.  Finally, they should be appreciated for the impact they make to your bottom line.

Teamwork Military Planning

Collaboration Leads to Innovation

When leaders and employees are coachable, approachable, and vulnerable, organizations can adapt to change, innovate with confidence and grow. Leaders must listen intently and encourage others to expand their capabilities while rewarding those who take calculated risks, share ideas, and focus on service.

A High Energy & Interactive Virtual Experience

Waldo leverages creative multimedia, graphics, and video to engage and inspire audiences with actionable content. Moreover, he offers follow-on digital leadership programs to reinforce the learnings and sustain the momentum of his virtual keynotes and seminars.

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Select Clients

Waldo’s programs have impacted hundreds of organizations in healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, and technology.

Johnson & Johnson
The Hartford
The Home Depot
GE Health
Denver Broncos
Dell EMC
American Express
Philips Healthcare
ABC Supply Co.