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FACE YOUR DOUBTS: Fuel the Warrior Spirit

Fuel the Warrior Spirit

The most important life changing skill I learned in combat was the ability to operate and execute despite massive fear.

Missiles, enemy aircraft, bad weather, anxiety, uncertainty & doubt – all these were headwinds to performance.

But the more I faced these fears and took action despite them, the greater my confidence became. And as my confidence grew, the more I was able to confront even greater fears, even outside the cockpit. It helped me overcome my fear of heights and ultimately face my struggles with claustrophobia.

The same holds true for you in life – be it in business, your health and fitness, or your relationships.

To deal with fear & step outside your comfort zone, focus on four key strategies:

  1. Commitment to Excellence—Passionately pursue your mission with focus and belief, embracing 100% effort despite challenges.
  2. Mission Preparation—Relentlessly prepare and plan! Know your objectives and the dynamics of your environment to build trust and confidence. Remember, wingmen never wing it.
  3. Fly with Wingmen—Work everyday to cultivate #trust and collaborate closely with colleagues to support each other, especially in adversity. When you know you’re not flying solo, you’re more likely to act despite your fear.
  4. Build the #Courage to Take Action—Acknowledge your fear but decide to act despite it, understanding that growth and success lie in the willingness to confront and move beyond fear. To do this effectively, you really need to have clarity on the “why before you fly” and who/what it is you’re fighting for.

If you want your life to grow, then you have to grow.

Keep Flying.