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FACE YOUR DOUBTS: Fuel the Warrior Spirit

Fuel the Warrior Spirit

The most important life changing skill I learned in combat was the ability to operate and execute despite massive fear. […]

Why preventing burnout starts by taking regular breaks

The Secret to Peak Performance: Refuel and Retool

     Did you know that fighter pilots must take at least 12 hours of crew rest between training […]

Whose flightline do you need to walk? Appreciating our unsung heroes.

Appreciating our Unsung Heroes

     In the hustle and bustle of business and life, it’s easy to forget to thank those who […]

Appreciation Will Help You Become a Better Teammate

Walk the Flight Line: Leadership, Appreciation, and Being a Wingman at Work

Failing can teach us many lessons, especially when it comes to leadership.    And when we fail to show appreciation towards […]

F-18 Fighter Jet Take Off

Five Top-Gun Tactics to Conquer Fear, Overcome Adversity and Achieve Breakthroughs

Have you ever wondered how to overcome fear?   I used to fly F-16’s in combat. As you can imagine, I […]

Veterans Day Memories – What Really Matters

When I look back on my Air Force career and reflect on all the amazing experiences I’ve had, I don’t […]