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Meet Basic Cadet Rob Waldman.

Meet Basic Cadet Rob Waldman…

…at the United States Air Force Academy during Basic Cadet Training (BCT).

A few weeks earlier while going through field training in Jack’s Valley, I was nicknamed “Waldo” by cadet first class Frank Amsler.

I may be smiling but I wasn’t having fun.

BCT sucked. There was a lot of doubt, exhaustion, and anxiety, mixed in with fleeting moments of exhilaration and joy.

For five weeks of BCT (and the whole year as a 4 degree (freshman)), my 1300 classmates and I were stripped of all our God-given rights, and they were SLOWLY given back as privileges over the next four years.

33% of us wouldn’t make it to graduation.  And we knew the only way we would make it through was together.

I hated it and loved it at the same time.

I was on a journey….and it would take a few challenging years to reach my goal to graduate and become an Air Force officer and pilot.

Despite the battle damage, scars and sacrifice, I did it! Here I am.

My fellow wingmen, if you have an ambitious and challenging goal worthy of achieving, there will be challenges on the journey. If there aren’t, the goal likely isn’t worth pursuing.

We all have to start somewhere.
We all have to go through basic training.
We all have to sacrifice.
We all have to suffer and “embrace the suck”
We all have to sweat and deal with pain.

But the victory will come….if you don’t quit.

So, start where you’re at.

Take the first step.
Let go of your past.
Make a plan but Do the work.
Build a team and Ask for help.

Your future starts now. It’s time to Push It Up!