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What are your daily wins? You need 3 daily wins: physical, mental & spiritual.

What are your Daily Wins?

I recently saw this graphic and it really hit home.

Winning is great. But it’s not always about the final victory or score.
It’s about the process.
it’s about the work.
It’s about the growth.

And the win doesn’t happen overnight. It often takes time to reveal itself.
Consistency is key.

If you want to gauge your success and build confidence in a winning outcome, explore your day in detail. It will reveal your winning potential.

Examine your habits, rituals, and disciplines.
Evaluate who you’re spending time with.
Inspect what goes in your eyes and ears.

The flight path to success will become clear.

Each day, execute on the winning actions that you can control!
Work on developing and growing holistically – from the inside out.
Earn your wings (and wins) one mission at a time.
Those victories will build confidence, courage and resilience: three tools to winning in life!

Waldo’s Wingtip: Success in the cockpit is a result of what happens outside of it.

Your Wingman,