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Focus on who, not how


Where are you on your flight path for achieving the goals you set at the beginning of the year?

In January, you set some goals and objectives. You made some New Year’s resolutions and committed yourself to achieving them. Where are you on your flight plan? Are you hitting your targets? Are you staying focused and disciplined?

Here’s the deal. It’s easy to get overwhelmed thinking about “how” when it comes to achieving your goals – be it in sales, your health and fitness, or even your relationships. The processes, disciplines, and habits are not easy to execute on. They can be stressful at times, and overcome your ability to take the difficult actions that leads to growth.

So here’s a challenge for you: The next time you’re overwhelmed and a little paralyzed when it comes to living up to the expectations you made to yourself in that New Year’s resolution – I want you to think about “who,” not how.

Who can you pick up the phone and ask for help? Who are the folks that can lift you up when you’re discouraged and your goals seem out of sight? Who in your life can provide an insight, call out a blind spot on something that you may not see, and most importantly, hold you accountable for results?

These are your wingmen – and they can encourage and coach you to take the next step and not surrender to your fears. Many times, they are also the ones who you fight for every day. They are the reason you have goals in the first place.

When you think about “who,” it will give you the thrust and courage to take off in your jet, stay on track, and accomplish the goals that you set out for yourself. It will help you fly through the turbulence of life and build the resilience necessary to stay on your flight plan of growth.

Remember – We Survive Solo, But Win Together.

Your Wingman,

P.S. Who are the wingmen in your life you can call on for help?  Feel free to share below.