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Muscle Confusion – A simple fitness concept can help you grow in business and in life



A fitness concept called “muscle confusion” can help you build strength and become stronger.

It’s a way to engage your muscles in a different manner to make them work harder than usual and in a new, often more powerful, way.

Similarly in business and life this type of disruption can help us grow and become more resilient as we discover and create new means to communicate and respond to the issues that affect us.

Read the video transcript:

Hey folks, Waldo Waldman, the Wingman here on the island of Crete in beautiful Greece.

Just had a workout with my wife Dana, and we’re getting ready to get a little breakfast this morning and have an awesome day on vacation here.

But I want to talk today about this concept of muscle confusion.

Many of us have heard of this and the gym and our workouts, but today, in particular, I tried a couple of new exercises.

I’m trying to attack my muscles in a different way and what happens more often than not, when you engage your muscles in a different manner and when you try new exercises, you often develop a little bit of pain.

Your muscles are sore as your body tries to acclimate to these new exercise, strengthen those muscles and joints so that you can become more flexible and powerful when you do the exercise in the future.

This is very, very important in any type of fitness and health routine that you have.

Now, when you look at your personal and professional life, I think confusion, and perhaps a little disruption is good for us, and your relationships with your spouse perhaps.

How you’re communicating, the things you do to build that trust and love. Perhaps in your business, when you’re accommodating a new technologies, social media, your hiring practices.

Getting a little bit of muscle confusion in your business, strengthening it holistically will allow you to adapt to change and become more powerful, especially when the economy flusters and your competitors come in and try to take market share.

Or maybe when you’re having a challenge with your spouse or your kids.

Find new techniques, confuse your muscles, your mind, your body, your heart and soul.

Strengthen that body, so that when change comes, you’ll be more resilient, more powerful, enabled to grow in life.

And at the end of the day, it’s all about growth because if you’re stagnating, you’re dying. And that’s not what top guns do.

I’m Waldo Waldman, the Wingman. Keep disrupting. Keep confusing. Keep pushing up that throttle. I’ll see you soon.

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