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WINGTIP OF THE WEEK – Never Outsource Accountability

Many people confuse responsibility with accountability.

They are different.

As a leader, manager, or entrepreneur, you can delegate responsibilities to a co-worker, vendor,  or even your spouse, but you can never outsource accountability.  Ultimately, you are accountable for and own the end results.

Remember, you are the pilot in command of your jet. Don’t expect anyone to hold you accountable but yourself!


Every month or two, I like to share recommendations on great books that are coming out that can really help you in this tough economy.

Phil Town is the NY Times bestseller of Rule #1, and I recently read his latest book Payback Time.  I was impressed with how he takes the mystery out of finding well run companies, verifying their fundamentals, and positioning yourself to cash in on their success.

Packed full of practical, easy to implement advice, his book will help you as you strive to reach new heights in this challenging economy and educate you as you aim to hit your financial targets. If you’re looking for a Top Gun financial strategy, add Payback Time to your flight plan and let Phil Town be your wingman!

Never Fly Solo,