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The Most Important Leadership Trait in Business

Are you committed to the same standards you expect of others?COPE NORTH

This is a powerful question to ask yourself when working with other wingmen in your organization. It’s critical for effective leadership and is the foundation of influence.

If you don’t aspire for excellence, then you can’t inspire others to aspire for it. If you’re not committed to growth, you can’t expect others to grow.

Civil War General George Crook said it best, “Example is the best general order.” In other words, you have to walk the walk. You have to aspire before you inspire.

When you commit 100% and give it your all in the face of obstacles, others’ confidence in you will grow. In addition, your passion and belief in the mission will inspire your teammates and co-workers to believe in you. The same holds true for your customers.

Excellence starts with you.

In my experience in the military, sales, and with leaders all over the world, I’ve learned that people have to trust your heart before they trust your head. Organizational success doesn’t start with a “mission statement,” a strategic vision, or even a great product or service. It is born in the unrelenting passion of each employee, regardless of title, who believe in what they are doing and who commit themselves to excellence…before asking others to do so.

It’s about accountability, responsibility, and passion.

When everyone’s core values, beliefs, and goals are aligned, trust is built. And trust sells.

What’s beautiful about this is that commitment is contagious. When you commit to excellence, lead by example, and set the standard, others will do the same.

So commit first. Lead the way. Emulate excellence.

Your wingmen will follow you.