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Holiday Message – Tighten Down the Rivets

As we experience this holiday season, I wanted to send you a little reminder to spend some time in the hangar these next few weeks. We all need maintenance on our airframe, especially with the pressures and challenges of life.

Take some time to review the areas in your personal and professional life that perhaps you may have neglected this past year. But don’t forget to explore what’s been going well.

Wingman Maintenance

– Examine your health and fitness
– Rekindle the relationships you’ve been careless with (and nurture current ones)
– Plan some focused relaxation time with your family and loved ones
Celebrate this year’s accomplishments
– Write down what you’re thankful for
– Attend a personal development seminar
Volunteer for the needy
– Establish some specific goals for 2016 and make a plan

Refine your vision of success. (It can change!)

Network…attend some parties…have fun.

Just because it’s holiday time doesn’t mean you should be complacent with your growth. After all, maintaining your energy, joy, and peace can take some effort.

Don’t let yourself burnout before you get airborne in 2016. Tighten down the rivets, refuel your jet, change your tires.  The world needs you.

Have a wonderful holiday season my friends.

Your Wingman, Waldo