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Remembering on Memorial Day

Soldiers on Memorial DayI love Memorial Day. It’s a holiday to connect with friends and family while paying respect to the soldiers of our great country who have paid the ultimate price so that we can live free.

From the young soldier in the War of Independence, to the fighter pilot over Nazi Germany, to the infantrymen in Iraq and Afghanistan, they were the ultimate wingmen for our country.  They gave their wings away so that we could fly.

In our busy, everyday lives, it’s easy to take for granted the freedom we have as a result of their sacrifice. Sure, we all need to be reminded of that sometimes. But we can never forget.

We can never forget our past. We can never forget the term “Nazi.” We can never forget 9-11. We can never forget the families who lost their special wingman to battle.  And we can never forget the American values of courage, commitment, honor, integrity, and service. These values are what America was built on and what should still guide us in our business and personal lives today.

We must remember.

Memorial Day is such an important holiday because it reminds us to remember.  It reminds us to remember not only who means something in our life, but what.  What is it about our country and our lives that are worth fighting for?  What are we doing to live up to the American values that our soldiers fight for?  To make this holiday really mean something, we must truly embrace the values and symbolism of Memorial Day.

So today and this weekend, let’s remember America by creating memorable moments. Let’s honor our fallen heroes by serving each other.  Let’s lend a wing to a hurting friend, be a good neighbor, donate to charity, volunteer at a homeless shelter, encourage a broken heart, and inspire a desperate soul. That’s the American Way. To me, that’s what patriotism is all about.

We don’t need to wear a uniform or go to war to serve our country. We can be a country worth fighting for by serving each other and upholding the values that make America the land of the free and the home of the brave.   For when we act in service and are wingmen to each other, all of our actions are memorable.

Thank You TroopsI am proud to be an American…and proud to be your wingman.


Do you have a wingman serving in the armed forces that you want to say thanks to? Visit Amazon.com gift them a copy of Never Fly Solo, and let them know you appreciate their service.