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Never Outsource Accountability

You’re at 20,000 feet and 550 knots on a training mission in your F-16, and your instructor pilot (IP) just demonstrated a perfect offensive BFM (Basic Fighter Maneuver) engagement. Now, it’s your turn to show him what you’ve learned.

He yells out on the radio, “You have the aircraft!” Waldo Stage small Serious Talking 2013

You respond, “Roger Sir, I have the aircraft!” confirming you’re now in control of the jet and ready to perform. (You also know your IP is there to assist you if you need help.)

Soon you won’t have an instructor in the cockpit with you monitoring your maneuvers. You’ll be by yourself, fully responsible for successfully accomplishing the maneuvers and supporting the mission.

Are you truly ready to fly that $30 million piece of machinery? Are you prepared, focused, and confident? Are you accountable for your actions, and ultimately for results?

When you say, “I have the aircraft,” you had better be.

Each day you’re given the aircraft to fly – contracts, sales calls, customer inquiries, budgets and proposals to review, and meetings. The stakes are high. Are you ready to step up and fly?

“I have the aircraft” means:

  • You take full responsibility for your job and own the results.
  • You’re prepared – you’ve taken the time to study, chair-fly, and contingency plan
  • You’ll follow through until the mission is complete.
  • You understand that your actions affect others in your organization
  • You have the integrity to admit a mistake because you understand the mission comes first, not your ego!
  • You’re willing to ask for help.

It’s all about accountability.

Great companies have 100% committed wingmen who want to take action – to grab the stick of the aircraft and fly the toughest missions. They seek responsibility and challenge rather than shirk it, understanding that their actions affect others in the organization.

Bottom Line: Wingmen never outsource accountability, nor do they blame others for not holding them accountable. They have the discipline, focus, training and confidence to win.

Are you one of these wingmen?

Ok then – ”You have the aircraft!” I’ll see you at 20,000 feet!

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