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“We’re each of us angels with one wing, and can only fly by embracing each other”
Luciano De Crecenzo

May Day is the universally recognized call of distress. It’s a call you never want to make, but it could be the most important call of your life.

Fighter pilots use it during extreme emergency situations – when we lose an engine, are getting prepared to eject from an un-flyable aircraft, or even when witnessing an emergency of one of our wingmen.

Mayday translates to I Need Help…NOW!!


As we reflect this week on those brave men and women who lost their lives 5 years ago during the 9-11 attacks, we can’t help but think of their families and loved ones, and the tremendous impact they had on the entire world.

While 9-11 bore witness to terror and evil, it also shed light on the amazing sacrifices of those who literally gave their limbs and lives so that others may live. From policemen, firemen, emergency nurses, and city officials, to every day citizens reaching out a hand of help, we saw how selfless others could be in the face of real danger. They heeded the wingman’s call to action – I NEED HELP – and delivered with bravery and honor.

Being a wingman in life means being a person others can come to for help…it means when someone calls out Mayday to you, you’re there…ready for action!

  • Are you there for others when they call out ‘Mayday’ to you?
  • Are you willing to ask for help when you really need it?
  • Are you a WingGiver – a person who gives freely, unconditionally, and with love?

When we give of ourselves and put others first, we change the world one person at a time.

When we reach out our hand to those who may be in the ‘dungeon’ of life and pull them up, we plant seeds of hope and courage that blossom into joy and fulfillment. It is a gift that costs no money and enriches lives. Most importantly, it is how we can show gratitude to our fallen wingmen of 9-11, and pay tribute to their sacrifice.

I wish you all the best, and may all your Maydays lead to Paydays!


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