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How to Say Thanks on Memorial Day

USA Flag and JetsMany people ask me how they can give thanks to those who serve our country.  This is particularly true on Memorial Day.   After all, it’s impossible to truly appreciate the sacrifices of our country’s soldiers unless you’ve been a soldier yourself.

I believe we can honor our soldiers and fallen heroes by living up to the core American values that they fought and died for: integrity, service, courage, hard work, commitment, and respect (to name a few.)

Here’s the point: We don’t need to wear a uniform to serve our country.

Each day is filled with opportunities to serve.  We can donate to a charity, volunteer at VA hospital, join a non-profit, assist the elderly, give blood,  be a great parent, mentor a teenager, support our troops both at home and abroad, help a stranger in need, etc.  The list goes on and on.

America… and the character and freedom it represents…starts and ends with you.

So, this Memorial Day and every day, if you want to really give thanks to those who fought for our freedom, then be the type of American worth fighting for.

Your Wingman,