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How to Fly Like a Champion


'Fly Like a Champion'

I love this photo. It represents the mindset a fighter pilot has before he/she walks out the door to face the enemy.

It symbolizes confidence, preparation, discipline, and even courage.

Flying like a Champion means you’re prepared to go to battle – to face the enemy, perform under pressure, and hit the target. It means before you execute the plan, you’ve done the hard work. You’ve studied, planned and rehearsed.  You’ve sacrificed.  You’re focused on the mission.  You’re ready to WIN!

Champions are confident.  And they never “Wing It.”

Before you walk out the door to attend that meeting, give that presentation, perform the inspection, or make that cold call, are you confident? Have you done the work required to be a champion?

So many people are looking for a magic formula or short cut for success.  It doesn’t exist.  If you want to be a wingman and deliver value to your customers, partners, and co-workers, the best way to do so is through your preparation and hard work.

If you’re ready to execute your business mission and are planning to “fly by the seat of your pants,” chances are you’ll get shot down. But if you’re prepared and confident…and have wingmen you can count on…you’ll win.

Now get out there and Fly Like a Champion!

Waldo’s WingTip: Winners Never Wing It.