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Finding Purpose in Your Goals and Meaning in Your Mission

It’s already a month into the new year, and I hope you’re all off to a great start. One of the most effective things you can do to reach greater heights this coming year is to set high but achievable goals in your personal and professional life. Establishing challenging goals that are specific (and measurable) helps you formulate a game plan for success.

A key component in reaching your goals is to write them down and visualize them every day. This makes your goals real. (I put my goals on my bathroom mirror so that I see them every day.  I did this when I wrote my book Never Fly Solo as I wanted to become a NY Times bestseller.)

When you see your goals, it challenges you to ask yourself: “What have I done TODAY to reach them?” “What’s my plan?” “Am I progressing towards my goals?”

But if you really want to accomplish your goals, here’s a secret question you must ask yourself: “Why do I want to achieve this goal?”

In other words, what’s your purpose in reaching your goals? Is it your retirement home,  dream vacation or the ability to send your kids to college? Answering this question will help give you the thrust necessary to overcome adversity and challenge on the flight path to achieving your goals.

Waldo Waldman and Son AceOn 17 Jan of this year, my wife and I gave birth to our first son – Ace Benjamin Waldman. It was the most amazing day of my life. Not only was it special because of the beautiful life we brought into the world, but it also reinvigorated my passion to accomplish my goals! Like many of you with children, we work and make sacrifices for those we love. My son has given me more meaning in my life, and I now have a greater purpose in reaching my goals.

Wingman call to action: Make a list of the things that are most important to you – the things that get you motivated to put in a few extra hours at work, continue the exercise program, make the extra sales call, or start your new business. And then (this is the critical part) take a picture of them and keep them visual every day. Put a photo of your kids next to your computer screen. Paste a picture of your dream vacation on your office furniture.

We have a saying in the fighter pilot world – Lose Sight, Lose Fight. If you lose sight of your target, you’ll lose the fight. But if you stay visual and connect with your purpose, you’ll dig deep and do what it takes to break through the challenges that can hold you back from reaching your goals. You’ll find the courage to strap in and take off.

When you find your why, you’re sure to fly.

Never Fly Solo,


P.S.  I would love to hear what gives meaning to your mission.