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Commit to Excellence

Are you committed to the same standards that you expect of others?

Do you walk the walk or just talk the talk?

If you don’t aspire for excellence, then you cant inspire others to do the same. If you are not committed to growth, you can’t inspire others to grow.

You have to aspire before you inspire.

General George Crook once stated, “Example is the best general order.”  So true.

Commit to Excellence

If you’re not willing to “push it up” – to sacrifice, adapt to change, and work harder when things are tough – then others likely won’t follow you. Your teammates and co-workers won’t believe in you, and neither will your customers. They have to see your commitment.

Today, businesses have to be believable before customers will buy. When you’re believable, you build trust. And trust sells.  People buy your heart before they buy your head.

Commitment as an organization first starts with individuals committing themselves to excellence before others are expected to. What’s powerful about this philosophy is that commitment is contagious. When you commit to excellence and set the standard, more often than not, others will do the same.

Leadership is about influence. And it starts with you.

So commit first. Lead the way. Be the example.

Your wingmen will follow you.

Never Fly Solo,