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Chasing Excellence

I recently had the opportunity to deliver the opening sales keynote forWaldo and Rick Floyd small HomeBridge Financial, one of the largest privately held mortgage companies in North America. Formerly known as Real Estate Mortgage Network, HomeBridge has its sales team led by Executive Vice President Rick Floyd, a high energy, relationship focused leader with a passion for excellence.

Rick and I had a chance to discuss what excellence means in our personal and professional lives, and he really got me thinking of what excellence is all about.  We even conducted a short interview that you can watch on his “Chasing Excellence” blog (link below.)

Excellence is one of the three core values in the Air Force, along with Integrity and Service.  While there are dozens of factors that effect one’s ability to achieve excellence in life, I want to share eight examples of what I believe are the most critical “Excellence Attributes “ that true leaders embrace:

1. Relentless passion for growth – leaders maintain high standards and never settle for the status quo. Complacency kills.
2. Willingness to fail – leaders take risks and step outside their comfort zones.
3. Integrity in everything – Character and values are lived 24/7
4. Relationship builders – true success cannot happen without the help and support of others.  BTW – Giving is as important as receiving.
5. Ability to focus – to achieve daily and long term goals, one must avoid distractions that can take you off course
6. Lifelong learners – Personal and professional development are part of one’s daily regimen
7. Discipline and Attention to detail – Excellence is often hidden in the details. Everything counts!
8. Extraordinary work ethic – peak performance is a bi-product of effort, sacrifice, and hard work. “The more you sweat, the less you bleed.”

I believe excellence is a journey, not a destination.  It’s a continuous process that must be refined, fueled, and executed each and every day.

As you chase excellence, keep in mind that what helped you gain success today may not be what you need tomorrow. Be flexible, adapt to change, and be open to new processes, disciplines, and relationship that can help you achieve future success.  The result will be an extraordinary ability to perform and accomplish great things in your personal and professional life.

How do you chase excellence?  Please share with other wingmen and leave your comments below.
To watch our interview, click here: