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BP Leadership Lesson

Has CEO Tony Hayward Been a Wingman to BP?

The BP gulf oil spill is one of the greatest environmental disasters our country has ever experienced. Not only will the long term environmental consequences be felt for years to come, but the price tag for cleaning up the spill will be over $20 billion. Finally, BP, a once reputable giant in the oil industry, is dealing with a $100 billion loss in market valuation and its brand and reputation has taken a huge blow.

While there are dozens of lessons that can be learned with the way BP has handled this disaster, one cannot shy away from the lackluster leadership attributed to its CEO Tony Hayward. In essence, Hayward committed the greatest sin any leader can make – he lost the trust of his customers and his employees. He lost his trust as a wingman.

A few weeks ago, I was interviewed on Fox News discussing Hayward’s leadership challenges and why he lost trust as a leader. CLICK HERE watch the 4 minute clip and share your feedback.