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10 Steps to a Top Gun Sales Call

I’ve got a secret for you. The best fighter pilots aren’t those who ‘pull the most G’s’, fly the fastest low levels, or perform the best aerobatics. The best (the Top Guns) are the ones who discipline themselves to consistently follow tried and tested processes.

Whether it is radar mechanics, surface attack tactics, or low altitude navigation, the key to peak performance in highly volatile and challenging environments is following critical processes and training accordingly.


The same holds true for sales. Average salespeople reap above average results when they follow a tailored process and execute it as flawlessly as possible. It’s not brain surgery! It takes disciplined preparation, resilience, and above all, an incredible drive to win!

Whether you’re making a cold call or visiting a prospect for the first time, here are 10 steps you can follow to ensure a successful mission.

Mission Preparation

  1. Attitude Determines Altitude – Get your mind right! Know your objective for the call and get pumped up. Enthusiasm breeds confidence and confidence absorbs fear. Focus on the mission – the customer!
  2. Gather Intelligence – Study websites, press releases, vendors, and your competition. What questions will you ask to qualify/disqualify this lead? How can you differentiate yourself from the competition?
  3. Contingency Plan – Ask ‘what-if’ ???’s and have answers to objections. What if they challenge me with price? What if they are engaged with another vendor? Who can I turn to for help?
  4. “Chair Fly” – Mentally rehearse the call…delivering your value proposal, asking the right questions, and rebutting concerns.
  5. Brief the Mission – Review and confirm your objectives, questions, rebuttals, clients, intelligence, and contingencies. Revisit step 1, strap in and take-off!

Mission Execution

  1. LISTEN! Follow the “3 Q’s”: Question – Qualify – Quiet! Learn about your prospect. Don’t over-react to objections. Smile and be flexible.
  2. Take notes – Record every detail. You can’t remember everything. This intelligence is critical to your follow-up game plan. Do you have one?
  3. Abort Decision – Know when to press on with a call and when to abort it. Don’t get shot down! When your objective is met and/or when you feel the prospect is no longer willing to listen, end the call. Reengage in the future.

Mission Debrief

  1. Debrief the call – Review positives & negatives. What went right or wrong? What were the lessons learned? Why did they happen? How can you/your training be improved or revised?
  2. Follow-up/Follow-through – What’s the next step? Don’t just follow-up. Be a trusted resource!Exceed expectations – send information, articles, or referrals to your prospect that can help them. Finally, stay in touch.

Do you have any Top Gun Sales Processes that you would like to share with others? E-Mail me the details. I will compile a list, send it out in next month’s newsletter and give you the credit!

Becoming a top gun pilot or salesperson takes work and sacrifice. But the rewards are worth it. The key is keeping the focus on those you are serving – your customer – and building trust in the most importantwingman in your life – yourself!


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