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WINGMAN Sales Strategy #1: PICK UP THE PHONE!!

Last month I keynoted at a national sales meeting for an amazing company – Philips Medical Systems. At a social afterwards, I asked one of there their top gun sales performers (his nickname was ‘Opie’) what the key to his success was. He simply smiled and answered, “Waldo, I pick up the damn phone!”

He then went on to explain how salespersons today fail to do the most critical thing when it comes to closing business – establishing and maintaining relationships. I couldn’t agree with him more!

I have a formula when it comes to business: B = V * R (Business = Value times Relationship). The greater the value and/or relationship, the greater your likelihood of getting the business. In today’s world of commoditized products and services, it is the relationship that truly earns the business.

After doing business with a client or when first establishing a personal and professional relationship with an associate, do you do the following wingman actions?

  1. Call just to say thank you or hello
  2. Follow up with a personal card or perhaps a gift
  3. Take your new client or business wingman to lunch
  4. Leave your phone number in your e-mail signature so people can call you!
  5. Ask how you can help them (perhaps with a referral, lead, etc.)

Today, with technology, auto-responders, and blackberries, (in addition to our hectic schedules) it’s so easy to forget to stick to the basics of talking with people. After all, why call when we can send a quick e-mail?

My friend and business wingman Jim Ziegler spends the first part of every day just calling past clients and business associates. He knows the value of personal connection, and his bank account proves it.

Bottom line – People like to be treated as human beings first and businesspersons second. For many of us, calling is simply a luxury we cannot afford. However, when you go the extra mile and pick up the phone, you strengthen your relationships and distinguish yourself from average businesspersons. This can make a huge difference not only to your business, but in your personal life as well!


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