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THE INNER WINGMAN: Trusting Yourself!!

Before fighter pilots can fly in combat, we have to demonstrate expertise in tactics, technology, and hands-on flying. Extensive hours of study, simulation and practice missions must be accomplished before we are designated “M/R” – MISSION READY!

Simply put, we’re not trusted to fly with other wingmen until we can fully trust ourselves!

In business and life, before you can be trusted to execute a mission and work with others, you too have to become Mission Ready. You have to trust yourself to win!

You have to Prepare!
You have to Train!
You have to Sacrifice!

This process of becoming M/R isn’t very fun. However, the fun starts after you have paid the price to turn into a winner. Arnold Schwarzenegger once said: Nobody ever got muscles watching me lift the weights! I have a question for you: Have you lifted your weights today?

If you’re in sales, you have to practice your cold calls, study the competition, plan your schedule, and discipline yourself to follow the right processes that will lead to a sale. You, and no-one else, have to lift the weights and develop sales muscles! This is how you develop your Inner Wingman.

When you trust your inner wingman, you become confident. Confidence breeds action which leads to performance which results in joy. People who lack confidence are fearful. They fear change, failure, and rejection. Fearful people have a survival mentality, but confident people have a winning mentality. Confident people, on the other hand, are enthusiastic and passionate about winning. Confident people have positive attitudes and customers love to buy from salespersons who are positive and TRUSTWORTHY. Bottom line – If you don’t trust yourself, neither will your customer!

So, before you start complaining about how difficult your job is or how teamwork is lacking in your organization, ask yourself if you’ve done the heavy lifting necessary to build trust in yourself. In business and life, nobody is flying your jet but you. You must be in control. Remember, the best wingmen are those who can expertly execute their own missions and thus contribute to the success of their organization’s mission.


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