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CUSTOMER SERVICE: Are you a WingNut or a Wingman?

I recently moved into a new town home in the quaint community of Vinings ~20 minutes outside of Atlanta. I have been checking out the local business establishments and wanted to share a few experiences.

Scenario #1: Searching for a new local chiropractor
Location: “The Joint” (www.thejoint.com)
Overview: It was my first visit. The young receptionist didn’t welcome me or say hello. Her first words were “Name, please” as she searched the computer for my records. When she realized I wasn’t in the system (I had to tell her it was my first visit), she handed me paperwork and said “fill this out.” No eye contact. I felt like I was in-processing at basic training. When I told the owner owner/chiropractor of the business (Dr. Fred Gerretzen) that his receptionist’s customer service was lacking and that she needed training, his response was “Well, don’t let the door hit you in the a_ _!!” I couldn’t believe what I just heard. I left shaking my head.
Conclusion: Dr. Fred is a Wingnut! I will never go to “The Joint” for any chiropractic work and neither will anyone I know. Why? Because I don’t trust him and he has no people skills. Here’s the bottom line, if Dr. Fred treats his prospects this way, what kind of attention to detail will he pay when he evaluates and adjusts my back??! (BTW – I don’t blame the receptionist for her poor service. It’s the bosses responsibility to make sure his staff is trained. (He obviously he has no clue what customer service means.)


Scenario #2: I needed my Wingman flight suit repaired
LocationClaude’s Tailoring & Alterations; 3222 Cobb Parkway, Atlanta; 770-952-7711
Overview: This is a small custom tailor shop that specializes in tuxedo rentals and alterations. I entered the door, and was greeted with a smile by Mr. Claude Clark, “Hello, Sir! How can I help you today?” I told him I had a seam in my flight suit that needed repair. “Be right back” he said and returned in 5 minutes with the flight suit repaired. The charge: $0!! He said simply to keep him in mind if I ever need a tuxedo to rent or some custom work done. (BTW – Claude is the owner!)
Conclusion: Claude Lark is a Wingman! He knows the meaning of customer service. I have been back 3 times and was met with the same focus and positive attitude. When I told Claude how much I appreciated his service, he told me that when he bought the company 5 years ago, he made a commitment to focus on the customer. Today, Claude’s sales (and customers) have doubled. Guess what? I tell all my friends about Claude and his great service!

Are you treating your prospects with respect and gratitude? When they walk in your door and give you feedback on your service, do you listen or do you turn them away by telling them you “hope the door doesn’t hit them in the a_ _?”

When someone walks in your doors for the first time, they are not a customer. They are only a prospect.It’s up to you to convert them to customers and keep them loyal.

Being a business wingman is about trust. It’s about trusting your vendor, supplier, or even a chiropractor that they will deliver the best possible service. Listening to your customer’s feedback and then taking action to improve is how you keep your current customers loyal. It’s also how you build trust in your prospects which converts them to customers.

In business, everything counts. Be a Wingman, not a Wingnut!


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