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Being busy is not an excuse

Being “busy” is not an excuse to not help, stay connected with or appreciate the people in your life who you have relationships ships with (especially those that have gone above and beyond in helping you.)


Air Force PilotsWe’re all busy. We all have stuff going on that pressures us during the day.

All successful people are busy.

It’s easy to go out of your way when your schedule is clear, pressure is low, and business is good. But sometimes you’ll have to be inconvenienced to make things convenient for someone else. Sometimes you have to sacrifice in order to nurture a relationship, show appreciation, or help someone.

In the stressful, constantly changing world we live where time is so precious, it’s more important than ever to invest a portion of our day to write that personal thank you letter, give that referral, donate that money, or coach that peer.

People open doors.

People offer leverage for us to accomplish more.

People lift us out of the dungeon of despair when our wings are clipped.

People are the gateways to success, freedom, and joy.

YOU are the people.

Elizabeth Dole (former head of The Red Cross) once stated, “I didn’t wait for the rivers to flood before I built relationships.”  The best time to build relationships is when you need them the least. Don’t wait for the rivers to flood, your engine to fail, or the emergency to strike to build relationships.  Start today.

Be inconvenienced.  Help someone. Lend your wings.

People need you more than ever.

Don’t be too busy to be a wingman.