If You Want To Find A Wingman, Be A Wingman

A wingman is somebody others feel comfortable going to for help. They are trusted, service focused, and have your back.

Who in your life can you call a wingman? And who are you a wingman for?

During my time in the Air Force, the pilots who were the most respected were the ones who consistently volunteered for extra duty or gave additional training to those who needed it.

They were the “go to” guys and gals, and they built a reputation of trust and respect. By doing so, they were normally the ones first in line for the best opportunities and job promotions.
But more importantly, they built new trusting relationships with others. They had many wingmen who could be there for them if they needed help.

You see, it’s never too late to start building relationships in your squadron to nurture more wingmen in your life. The more wingmen you have who can give you support, advice, and coaching, the less likely you’ll get shot down when the missiles of life come.

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