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Independence Day: Mission Objective – Freedom

As we celebrated our country’s independence this weekend, we were reminded of the sacrifices our forefathers made to accomplish a critical mission – the freedom of America. Their passion and focus on this mission was so great that they were willing to die for it. It allowed them to overcome insurmountable odds and ultimately build the courage to win despite their fear.

What is your mission? Who are you fighting for? Who needs you to win?


When you wake up every morning and head to the office, are you passionate about your mission and do you have the focus and discipline to face your challenges despite your fears? This is the key to winning the daily battles of business and life.

Perhaps you’re fighting for your shareholders, your customer, or your children! The bottom line is that you must have a clear and achievable mission objective otherwise your work and life will be meaningless. When things get tough and when fear seems to paralyze your ability to act, remind yourself what you’re fighting for! Take the focus off of yourself and put it on your mission and those who need you to win!

Our greatest joys come when we serve those in need. May God bless our country’s wingmen this 4th of July and always!


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