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I NEED HELP! – The Wingman’s Call to Action

“I need help!” In my opinion, the three most important words in the English language other than “I love you.”


Since the beginning of September 2005, we have all witnessed our fellow citizens trapped in a sea of desperation, fear and helplessness as Hurricane Katrina literally swept away their lives, homes, and dreams. As a nation, we have heeded their call for help and have responded with our wallets, prayers, and compassion. It’s been far from perfect, but slowly, hope is being injected back into their lives and they can now look to the future in faith rather than fear.


As a leader in your company or community, who can you turn to for help when tragedy strikes? When you do ask for help, are you confident others will respond?


More importantly, are you the type of leader that others can turn to and ask for help? Do they trust you enough to bring you their problems and are you competent enough to help solve them?


Leadership not only means listening, but also responding to co-workers, family members, friends, and yes – even our fellow citizens, when they come to you for help. When you do this, you become a trusted partner in business and life – a Wingman!



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