Winners Never Fly Solo®

In today’s highly competitive and constantly changing business world, organizations that promote cultures of trust, commitment, and mutual support will dodge the missiles of change and win.

How do you define trust and commitment in your organization?
Are your leaders preparing, communicating, and collaborating as one unified team?
What if your clients viewed you as a Wingman – a trusted partner – committed to their success?

Hall of Fame keynote speaker Waldo Waldman, MBA is a sales and leadership expert who helps transform teams into trustworthy, accountable, and high performance partners for success. Much more than a decorated fighter pilot and motivational speaker, Waldo has real world business experience and is a thought leader on creating cultures of commitment, collaboration and trust.  His mission is to help you and your team:


Waldo Waldman Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker  

  • Focus on a “One team, one mission” culture of service.
  • Build More Trusting And Collaborative partnerships.
  • Commit to excellence in business and life.

If you’re looking to build a mission-ready culture of trust to adapt to change, increase sales, break performance barriers, and beat the competition, then have Waldo speak at your next meeting! Learn More…

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Voted one of the top 10 books to help sales teams succeed by magazine

Known as The Wingman, motivational speaker and former combat fighter pilot, Rob “Waldo” Waldman promotes organizational cultures that embrace disciplined Training, dedicated Teamwork, courageous Leadership and unwavering Trust. order-now

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Never Fly Solo
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