New Day, New Jet

A positive attitude can mean all the difference when facing failure and adversity.

When I was a student in Air Force pilot training, I developed problems as a result of a simple (yet critical) in-flight procedure I kept getting wrong. As a result, I had to successfully complete a “check ride” with my commander to demonstrate proficiency and safety. If I failed the flight, I could “wash out” of pilot training and my flight career would be over.

On the day of the flight the pressure was overwhelming and as you can imagine, I was extremely nervous. My future was at stake. But everything changed when my commander walked into the briefing room and told me something that completely changed my attitude.

What he said – and later did during the flight – transformed my fear into confidence. It got me present and focused on the task at hand and allowed me to fly to the best of my abilities. It’s something you can share with your wingmen to lift them up when they need it the most. And it’s something you can use to give yourself the courage and resilience to face doubt and fear head on.

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