Beware of Distractions Disguised As Opportunities

Peak performers like fighter pilots must stay focused when it comes to accomplishing a mission and taking out targets. Once a mission objective is established, nothing should get in the way of accomplishing it.

But guess what – unanticipated threats, targets of opportunity, and challenges will pop up en route to the target. Some may need to be addressed, while others won’t. They are simply distractions disguised as opportunities and can pull you off of your primary objective and ultimately cause you to fail.

As you seek to hit your personal and professional targets, distractions will arise and attempt to shift your focus. You may think they’re important and urgent, but they really aren’t. They can sideline or even take away progress you have made towards your ultimate objective – growth.

PS – This concept was shared to me by my good friend and mentor Jim Ziegler.

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