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You May Be Strapped in By Yourself…

but You’re Not Flying Solo

In today’s volatile business environment where uncertainty and fear are prevalent, companies need leaders who are resilient, collaborative, and more focused than ever to serve. Waldo delivers engaging content on managing change that provides teams with a valuable reset full of actionable takeaways. Leaders will learn:

    • How to leverage one’s mindset to maintain focus amidst uncertainty
    • The three steps peak performers take to face adversity with courage
    • Tactics to cultivate resilience and confidence to sell under pressure
    • How to grow influence and impact with coworkers, clients and partners


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Waldo teaches leaders and teams to adapt to change,
collaborate with courage and stay mission ready
to serve their customers.


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Content Designed to Reset Your Team

Build Resilience to
Reset Focus

Each and every wingman in the organization knows exactly what they are fighting for. They are committed to the mission, and understand exactly how their unique role in the organization is essential to its success.

Don't Forget About
Your Wingmen

Integrity, accountability, mutual respect, and teamwork serve as the foundation for all relationships internally with co-workers, and externally with partners and clients.

Teamwork Military Planning

Your Contribution Counts

Successful leaders command flawless preparation, not flawless execution! They encourage others to expand their capabilities, and consistently reward high performers who take calculated risks and ‘push the envelope’ in order to grow.

A Virtual Experience
They Won't Soon Forget

Leaders listen aggressively and communicate their vision with passion. They promote open communication and connect with the heart and soul of the people they supervise and work with.

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Select Clients

Waldo’s programs have impacted hundreds of organizations in healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, and technology.