Resilience Challenge Mission 1/5

Lift Vs. Drag

For an airplane to fly, it needs to create enough lift to overcome the drag (and force of gravity) that tries to pull it back down to earth.

That’s a very simple way of looking at aerodynamics, and there’s a lot more to it than that. But let me tell you, lift is a pilot’s best friend. Without it, a plane can’t fly!

If we look at our lives, lift and drag have an effect on us as well. It has a huge impact on our resilience and ability to bounce back from stress and change. We all have things that “lift” us up and “drag” us down. Lift motivates us and keep us focused and moving forward. Our positive relationships, health habits and books we read are great examples.

Drag can include stress in our jobs, bad habits, and perhaps the negative people in our lives. Unfortunately, that list can be pretty long for some of us.

In the Action Guide below, I’ll share a few wingtips on increasing “lift” and decreasing “drag” in your life so that you can spread your wings, stay more resilient, and fly to even greater heights.

Download 'Lift vs. Drag' Action Guide