Resilience Challenge Mission 5

The Challenge is in the Choice

Growing up my dad always told me, “don’t take the easy way out.”

Those words resonated years ago when I was faced with one of the most difficult choices in my military career. I had to decide which aircraft I would fly after my instructor tour: the brand-new C-17 cargo plane or the sleek F-16 jet fighter.

One choice would mean playing it safe. The other, facing my fears.

One would be less stressful. The other would lead to growth.

You see – despite my dream of flying the F-16, my recent battle with claustrophobia made choosing it extremely difficult. (I mean, think about that tiny, cramped cockpit!) There are certain choices we make that are life changing and can impact the trajectory of our future. More often than not, the difficult ones – the ones that stretch us and push us out of our comfort zones – are the ones that lead to growth.

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