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Pre-Mission Prayer with Military Speaker

Be the type of American worth fighting for

American Troops Soldiers Praying

Veterans Day Celebrate Wingman in Military Air ForceAs we approach Veterans Day, many of you may be wondering how you can express your sincere gratitude for those who fought (and continue to fight) for the freedoms that our flag represents. After all, if you’ve never worn a military uniform or tasted the sting of battle, it can be difficult to express thanks to those who emulate true sacrifice and commitment.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Send a care package or a kind note to a veteran. (Check out Operation Gratitude.)
  • Donate frequent flyer miles to help get loved ones to the bedside of injured veterans. Visit Donate to Hero Miles
  • Help a veteran find a job, update their resume, or improve their interview skills.
  • Take a veteran to lunch or dinner and spend some time getting to know them.
  • Help build a home (or adapt an existing one) for an injured veteran.
  • Visit a local VA Hospital and shake as many hands as possible. Bring gifts.
  • Reach out to a family member of a deployed veteran and let them know much their sacrifice is appreciated as well.

“But if you really want to thank the Americans who fight for our country, be the type of American worth fighting for.”

Wake up every day and make a difference. Emulate the values that make our country great through your actions, not just your appreciation. Volunteer at a shelter, help the needy, be a positive steward to our youth, give to your church or synagogue, stand up for the disenfranchised and helpless, fight hatred, bigotry, racism, and sexism.

Contribute. Create. Care.

That’s how you can make a veteran like me, and all our veterans, proud to fight for the greatest country in the world.

You don’t need to wear a uniform to serve.

God Bless our veterans and the USA.

Your Wingman,

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